Newton's first law
Updated: 2/25/2019
Newton's first law
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  • 1st part
  • 1st law
  • In Here, the ball is the object at rest.
  • Depends on Newton's first law, objects at rest or in motion will remain at rest or in motion, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. The tendency of an object to do what it's already doing is called inertia.
  • 2nd part
  • The player is going to kick the ball and score a goal, he will be the unbalanced force, to put force and act on the ball.
  • The ball is at rest and will remain at rest, unless acted by an unbalanced force
  • 3rd part
  • When the boy kicked the ball, he put force and acted on the ball, he was the unbalanced force. Now, the ball isn't at rest, it changes its motion and now is going toward to the goal.
  • 4th part
  • The ball would go far away and remain in motion or do what it was already doing, unless acted by an unbalanced force. The goal is the unbalanced force that forced and acted on the ball to make it stop and change its motion.
  • Gooool!
  • The end
  • This was a comic about Newton's first law.
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