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Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Beginning of Jesus
  • Jesus's Teachings
  • Jesus's Death
  • Christianity began with the birth of Jesus was born.Later on in life,he was baptized by John the baptist.When he was 30,he began preaching.
  • Jesus's Resurrection
  • During this time he also taught,did good works and performed miracles.Most of his ideas were about Judaism and God's personal relationship with each human being.He stressed the importance of love for God,neighbors,enemies,and their own selves.
  • Spread of Christianity
  • When people started calling him the Messiah (King),the Roman and Jewish leaders got worried.They ordered a Roman governor to arrest Jesus.He was sentenced to be crucified.
  • Persecutions
  • According to the Gospels,Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.An apostles named Peter spread Jesus's teachings.
  • An apostle,Paul was one of the main influences of the development of Christianity.He mostly spread it during the Pax Romana since there were roads safe for travels.
  • Christians in Rome were not lucky.They didn't worship Roman Gods(opposition to Roman rule).When economic conditions turned bad,the Romans blamed it on them,and when a disastrous fire broke out Nero blamed them too-leading them to be persecuted.
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