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"Once Upon A Time": 20-21_p.6
Updated: 10/17/2020
"Once Upon A Time": 20-21_p.6
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  • Lines 49-65
  • Lines 66-113
  • Don't take anyone off the streets!
  • Lines 100-110
  • RING!! RING!! RING!!
  • From this picture, you could say that the family looks very happy and rich, "In a house, in a suburb, in a city, there were a man and his wife who loved each other very much and were living happily ever after. They had a little boy, and they loved him very much." (Gordimer 12). The words "happily ever after was used meaning that the story must have a cheerful ending.
  • Lines 114-138
  • The wise old witch is warning the man and his wife about the dangers, but there aren't any, "There were riots, but these were outside the city ... These people were not allowed into the suburb except as reliable housemaids and gardeners .." (Gordimer 13) The witch made the family scared to go outside with the strange people and they became very worried about their belongings being stolen.
  • Lines 139-192
  • There are a lot on intruders/burglars in the neighborhood, "The alarms called to one another ... in shrills and bleats and wails that everyone soon became accustomed to ... intruders sawed the iron bars and broke into homes ..." (Gordimer 14). The alarms and walls were useless to the owners because they still got stolen from and the walls were climbed over.
  • The End
  • There are gifts given to the family from the witch, "... the house was surely secure, once locked and with the alarm set ... the wall or the electronically closed gates ... the wall should be higher ..." (Gordimer 14). They were focused on their belongings that they forgot about their OWN safety . The wise old witch encouraged this fearful behavior and gave more materials to build their wall.
  • The gate looks super sharp, "Next day a gang of workmen came and stretched the razor-bladed coils all round the walls of the house where the husband and wife and little boy and pet dog and cat were living happily ever after." (Gordimer 16). They installed all this to keep out intruders, but they are missing the most important thing, to care about themselves.
  • Everyone is very sad because of "happily ever after", " ... its razor sharp teeth in his knees and hands and head he screamed ... the bleeding mass of the little boy ... and they carried it ..." (Gordimer 16). All the trouble of installing their security to only hurt their own family. The theme of the story is when you are worried about your perception of others, you will be oblivious to the real dangers in front of you.
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