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Updated: 2/4/2021
English storyboard

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  • The Cowells were once a full family who spent their days like any other. The parents went to work and did things that any normal family would.
  • James Cowell had some "bad" friends in the past and faked his own death to get out. However his old life was going to catch up to him very soon
  • One night James and his family were obducted in their sleep and brought to a warehouse where these people tied up him and his family.
  • James had the bag over his head ripped off only to bear witness to the murder of his wife and beloved son and daughter
  • James takes a year getting preparations ready to stop the time of the people who took his happiness away from him, he plans on erasing their bloodline the same way they did his
  • James finds everyone involved and their kin and brings them all to the same warehouse that started it all. And he gets his revenge