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Making Forces Funny Part 1 (1/2)
Updated: 11/17/2020
Making Forces Funny Part 1 (1/2)
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part 1 of part 1

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  • Hey john did you get the new book about gravity? its so good i just can-
  • Sheesh.. So what are we learning about in class? I showed up a bit late.
  • Today we are learning about the different types of friction.
  • What kinds of friction are there?
  • There are four types of friction. Fluid, Static, Rolling and Sliding
  • Can you define Sliding Friction a bit better for me?
  • A lot of examples of this can be found in everyday life, such as when you hear the squeak of a basketball players shoes, a slide at a park and even as simple as pushing a block across the table!
  • Sliding Friction is the type of friction that is meant to stop an object from sliding across a surface.
  • Gosh that's a lot.
  • I guess you could say... The knowledge didn't STOP, DROP AND ROLL!
  • That reminds me, can you explain gravity a bit better?
  • Of course! Gravity is the force that pulls us down to earth. Many planets have gravity due to their insanely large mass.
  • Every second of everyday you are involved with gravity. It is constantly pulling you down to earth.
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