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The rise of Nagni
Updated: 11/13/2019
The rise of Nagni
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  • It's finally my time to rise, I've been in these shadow for way too long.I am Nagni!
  • I heard to that Marzee was missing and that a King Cobra was on the lose maybe that took her.
  • Our daughter Marzee is missing!
  • Thats not true!Lets believe them!
  • There's no possible way , I killed all the next generations of snakes . Stop trying to fool our family I wouldn't like my son hanging out with your daughter anyways.
  • No son don't be foolish !
  • Yes my plan is going perfectly!
  • I am so tired of my father treating me like a baby I am gonna prove him wrong!
  • I am gonna jump into that snake hole and prove to everyone I am just like my father and not a foolish little kid!
  • Nagni is a young snake but is very dangerous. She has been waiting for the time to strike and kill Rikki-Tikki and his family who killed hers.
  • I am Nagni and you will pay for killing my parents !
  • AHH!
  • What are you even talking about?
  • I am here son!
  • Meanwhile Rikki-Tikki had started his own happy family, Sunshine and Jaws. Not know of all the danger ahead until Darzee and Larzee come to tell them their daughter Marzee is missing. Chundra the muskrat comes to tell them it's true.
  • AHH!
  • DAD?
  • Soon Jaws gets super sad and he leaves his family to find his friend Marzee, and defeat the KIng Cobra to prove to his father that he is ready. Then he burst into tears sad of what is father has been saying to his and he was just tired of it.
  • Hey, son I am sorry of all I have treated you maybe I should protect the garden. It's time I pass it on to you son.
  • Its ok dad, let's protect this garden together!
  • Mom, Dad!
  • Safe at last!
  • Jaws goes into the hole then Nagni shows him that he fell for his trap. She Nagni holds Jaws and Marzee captive , and blames then for her parents death Nag and Nagina. The two little creatures are scared and confused.
  • As Nagni was about the bite Marzee and Jaws and fierce familiar face strikes at the vicious cobra. Rikki-Tikki came to apologize and save his son and his friend Marzee.
  • Rikki-Tikki apologizes for acting foolish, he thinks he shouldn't protect the garden. Meanwhile Marzee is reunited with her family. Jaws decides that everyone should play a part in protecting the garden. Now they know there ready if there was ever another rise of the cobras.
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