forces storyboard
Updated: 3/5/2020
forces storyboard

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  • Hi i'm a rat am imma be showing you how I can use force to push this cube down the hall
  • This is an example of a contact force when I touch this box the effect is a push. some other examples of a contact force is friction(resistance), and elastic(stretching) in this situation applied force is happening because I am pushing this cube
  • The opposite of this would be a non-contact force which is a type of force that doesn't need to be touched to have an effect this would including gravity( due to mass), magnetic, (repulsion), and electric.
  • Finally done!
  • @annajomazz
  • hope you learned more about fo-
  • Achievement Unlocked : YOU KILLED RAT!
  • ahhh!
  • Rest in peace Rat 2018-2018
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