Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • You were the one who bumped into me!
  • Hey! Watch where you going!
  • What no! You should be apologizing to me!
  • No you did! Apologize to me this instant!
  • Hey whats going on here!? You better apologize to Lillian Jean!
  • No you apologize to me Lillian Jean!
  • What No!
  • Fine, I'm sorry Lillian Jean.
  • Fine, I'm sorry Miss Lillian Jean.
  • Yea apologize to me just like my Dad said!
  • Apologize to Lillian Jean!
  • No, say sorry Miss Lillian Jean!
  • Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean right now.
  • Say Miss Lillian Jean Cassie.