Buddhism and How it Started
Updated: 1/10/2020
Buddhism and How it Started
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  • Siddartha Gautama was born a royal prince who was said to be a leader one day.
  • Siddartha grows up and gets married at 16. He decides take a trip outside of his palace and sees a sick man, a dead man, and a holy man.
  • Siddartha leaves his wife and child to lead an ascetic life. During this time, he thinks about suffering. He goes a while without food and water, and he starts to develop followers
  • A little girl offers Sidartha a bowl of rice. He gladly accepts. He presents the idea of the middle way( not having to much or to little) to his followers. They don't agree and leave him. He retreats and meditates under The Bodhi Tree, and says he won't leave until he discovers the truth.
  • Siddartha has found the one thing that connects all living things( suffering). He travels 100 miles to search for his ( ex) followers. He finds one of them and shares the idea. She gladly decides to join his path once again. Siddartha has now become The Buddha ( the enlightened one ).
  • Buddhism started in Nepal ( India ) around 500 B.C. It started after Siddhartha Gautama passed, when his followers used his teachings to develop the base of the religion. It is connected to Hinduism in ways such as they both share the same goal, which is achieving Nirvana by having good dharma which leads to good karma. Buddhism teaches that life is a cycle of suffering and joy, as well as wisdom,patience, and kindness were very good things to have. Buddhism spread to areas such as China, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia. It spread due to monks and missionaries spreading the religion along-the Silk Road.
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