Climate Change Comic
Updated: 1/28/2021
Climate Change Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Trees help to regulate the climate by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. When they are cut down, the carbon stored in them is released back into the atmosphere.
  • Carbon is emitted into the atmosphere when cars are driven. This causes global warming to spike, and therefore affecting climate change.
  • Because global surface temperatures are rising, the is a higher probability for violent storms to happen. When water vapor is sucked into the atmosphere, it acts as a fuel source for powerful storms.
  • Changes in the climate result in warmer and drier conditions, which can ultimately increase the amount of wildfires. Wildfires aren't completely bad though, they actually help to clear out dead brush on the forest floor, leading to more room for essential nutrients to be absorbed into the soil.
  • These are two examples of things that you can do to reduce climate change: biking instead of using public transportation and bringing reusable bags while grocery shopping. Biking decreases carbon emissions from cars and reusable bags lessen the amount of plastic used.
  • I'm glad I brought my reusable bag to the grocery store today.....
  • I think I'll walk to work today instead of taking the car.....
  • These are two examples of things that you can do to reduce climate change: walking to work and using solar panels. Solar panels help reduce greenhouse gases and walking to work decreases carbon emissions from cars.