Holes storybaord
Updated: 11/4/2020
Holes storybaord

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  • Who threw the shoes?
  • Sorry, son we don't have enough money to get a lawyer.
  • Camp Green Lake
  • You have 2 choicesJail or Camp Green Lake
  • Stanley was walking home from school one day and a brand new pair of shoes fell on his head.
  • Stanley decides to steal the pair of shoes and then he got caught. Stanley's family didn't have enough money to get a lawyer so Stanley had to stay away from the family.
  • (Mr.Sir)These first pair of orange clothes are your work clothes and you will have a new pair for your rest.
  • Ok.
  • (Mr.Pendanski)There is only one rule here in this dry lake."DON'T UPSET THE WARDEN."
  • Hi, Zero(Stanley's friend)
  • Let's dig more holes.
  • When Stanley got caught he was sent to court and the judge was kind of nice to Stanley. "You may go to jail or Camp Green Lake." Stanley chooses Camp Green lake because he had never experience being at camp before.
  • Hi!
  • Ok!
  • Stanley got on the bus with his handcuffs and it was an 8-hour drive, and Stanley's hand was sweating hot when he got off the bus. Stanley had to sit next to the officer for the whole bus ride.
  • After Stanley got off the bus he met Mr.Sir. Mr.Sir told him what clothes is for which and then he walked back to his office. Then, here is Mr.Pandaski and told one of the boys to call all the boys out and meet Stanley, and told him the only rule in Camp Green Lake.
  • Lastly, Stanley met a friend named Zero and they dig holes together. Zero didn't know how to read so Stanley helped him how to read. So Zero made a promised Stanley that he will him Stanley dig his hole for about an hour each day.
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