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Unknown Story
Updated: 1/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Phase #1 The Early Fur Trade
  • We Have Furs!
  • We have tools!
  • Phase #2 Expansion Inland
  • RAH!
  • HAA!
  • AHH!
  • Phase #3 Rival Networks
  • French trade
  • Hey! This is our territory get off! Now!
  • It WAS your land but unfortunately for you we work here now, too!
  • HBC
  • The start of the fur trade came to be because First Nations such as the Mi'kmaq came to trade with Europeans because they both fished at the same area for years. Other Europeans and French came to refill their water supplies. They neither had permanent settlements but they had flakes which were drying stations.
  • Phase #4 The Drive West
  • The Ouendat clan became middlemen for the French and First Nations. The French and Haudenosaunee fought amongst each other in a war, the Haudenosaunee was the victor of the war. The Ouendat lost their spot as middlemen but then became coureur de bois which meant runner of the woods. After the war the two had a truce.
  • Phase #4
  • How was your day?
  • In 1670 Britain gave merchants a monopoly to control land and trade in it, the HBC was its name. During this phase a new job opportunity rose, being a voyageur, the HBC hired voyageurs to make trips to trade from far distances. Another big thing that emerged from this phase were Metis people who acted as translators and guides, they could do this because a Metis is a child from a FN and French or Scottish.
  • Phase #5 Monopoly In The West
  • No matter what, the HBC and the NWC must merge and make one company.
  • The French became a British colony in phase 4 which meant that Britain also took over the France fur trade during this time. British people made the NWC to compete with the HBC and moved west because of the lack of beaver and buffalo fur in the east.
  • C'mon Guys we have to hurry, we're the NWC now and the only place we can go to to compete with the HBC is if we go west.
  • The Metis people settled in the Red River in Manitoba during phase 4. The U.S.A and Canada were two separate countries now.
  • Great! How about you?
  • In phase 5 the HBC and NWC were forced to merge making the HBC monopoly. But the fur trade was coming to an end because of the lack of fur from buffalo and beaver and a change in demand, and that is what concluded fur trade.
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