Languages Art project Mikhayl Campbell
Updated: 12/11/2020
Languages Art project Mikhayl Campbell

Storyboard Description

Summer Holiday

Storyboard Text

  • I spent my Covid-19 summer holiday playing games, going to the beaches and rivers Cowater falls. I played dominoes, uno,the card sheat and jenga gamesat my grandparents home where my extended family lives.. I played with my cousins, ,aunts uncle, grandparents, parents, and sister. Often times, i would get very angry when i am not winning.There are times, when i would say and do unkind things during our many exciting games. There were times i would cry and say unkind words, my family member would laugh and say to me, its only a game just keep trying the next gam3 you would win. I felt really happy playing the games and happier when i win some games . It was the best time ever.
  • After so many times spent inside doing games, we decided to took a trip outside,. We took a long trip to Boston beach, we travelled in several cars with my extended family, dad and sister. The roads were rough with a lot of pot holes and that day it rained. On our way to Boston beach ,we stopped at the jerk center to enjoy the delicious jerk foods. We were all very excited to be outside after so many months because of Covid-19 and the many crefews out for social distancing. We stopped at several spots to took pictures and looked at the different scenes. For me, i was very happy to be outside and to see that the place was the same. Sometimes, i wondered if everyone was sick and the placee stop being happy. I saw persons laughing and enjoying life and not worried about being sick. We all wore our masks but we manage to have a lot of fun. We were driving for a long time, iwe started to wander if we were going to the right place. We drove for a long time and we could not find where was Boston beach. It was getting late and we had to remember that Covid-19 still keeping and there was a crefew . So, we decide to just turned back and went home. It was still a good trip even through we did not get to make it to the place we wanted.
  • It was the end of Covid-19 summer holiday and my extended family and immediate family members wanted to end the summer with one more attempt of a road trip. We decided to go to Rio Grande to do rafting. On our way, it was raining heavily, my dad could hardly see where he was going. Some of my extended family members wanted to return. But, my dad wanted this trip to be the last exciting one. We continued and reach our destination. The place was lovely the water was clam and the rain stopped. There was a lot of us (18) . We had to use a large boat to travel on the water. Also, we were celebrating one of my cousin's 21th birthday. She was excited and took a lot of photos and changed a lot of outfits. The boat ride was fun and we went to the outside of the island to swim and take a lot of photos. Then, we went to the deep part of the water and we jumped from the boat inside the water. My sister was a brave 4 year old, she stood on the side of the boat and ask mommy to let her down in the water, she was all smiles and excited. I did the same. The water was cold and i wanted to do more and i did. My Covid-19 summer was different but i had exciting days with my family and extended family members inside.
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