child labor life
Updated: 12/18/2019
child labor life
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  • children and adults had to wake up early in the morning for work. as you can see he sleeps under this tunnel bridge thing because he cant afford a tenement or got kicked out by his parents.
  • this young boy works at a mine . most children had to have jobs because they could have any food or water without money. hes supposed to be holding a picaxe.
  • while working on the mines you wouldnt get any breaks all 12 hour shift plus coal mines can be really dangerous and they didnt have as much safety stuff as we do now.
  • at the end of the week youd get a couple dollars but eventually we get the square deal and child labor laws that give everyone a fair chane and abolish child labor
  • awith such little pay you could only buy certain things so you really have to use your money wisely most kids didnt have school and didnt know how to use money wisely .
  • after the long day of work you would find a place to sleep and get a short 2 hours kids would most often be found on the streets because there arents dont have enough money to pay for them .
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