Updated: 4/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Jill made it so her password is easy to remember
  • Now my password will be easy to remember!
  • Password-123456
  • pass-123456Name-jillcard # 23906
  • A hacker hacked Jill's phone and stole her information
  • Thanks for the easy password Jill!
  • The hacker took all of Jill's money
  • Bank Account-$0.00Credit Card-$1.50Debit card-$0.00
  • Jill's cards aren't working!
  • Looks like your card isnt going through
  • oh no! what am i gonna do
  • Somebody hacked you and got your credit card information!
  • This is so upsetting
  • Jill found out something she didn't wanna hear
  • Jill realizes that she needs to choose stronger passwords to keep your information safe
  • I hope this gets fixed. I should've had a stronger password