Forensic Science Storyboard
Updated: 2/5/2020
Forensic Science Storyboard
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  • On the 21st of September 1983, a couple discovered a body on the shore of a coastline in California. They called the police, and within minutes, police officers arived on the crime scene with a group of crime scene investigators. Forensic photographers took photos of the victim and crime scene for evidence.
  • The body was moved to a lab, where a forensic toxicologist worked with 2 forensic odontologists to determine if foul play or drug/alchohol abuse lead to the death. A forensic DNA analyst identified the man as Alexander Genson, a 24 year old lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland. The forensic toxicologist discovered that Alexander's blood alchohol content was 0.09 at the time of death.
  • The last person to see Alexander Genson alive was 57 year old California resident, Percy Alden. For a short while, detectives were suspicious of him, and labeled him as a possible suspect, but after a polygraph examiner examined the man's lie detector results from his interview about his alabi, he was cleared of any responsibility for Alex's death.
  • A pair of forensic pathologists discovered no evidence of trauma to the body, and officially declared the cause of death to be drowning. Using drug chemistry, they were also able to determine that the victim was on LSD when he drowned.
  • A digital forensic expert and two forensic computer ivestigators discovered CCTV camera footage of a peir the night of the drowning. In the footage, Alex was seen tripping over the railing, and falling into the water. Before Alex fell he dropped a beer bottle, and after recovering it a latent print examiner discovered Alex's fingerprints on the bottle. Because the peir was connected so strongly to Alex's death, it became the secondary crime scene, making the shoreline where Alex was found the primary crime scene.
  • A forensic serologist also discovered Alex's saliva on the bottle, confirming that it was in fact what Alex dropped. Alex's body was taken to his sister's house, which was only 5 miles from where Alex was discovered.
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