rock cycle
Updated: 3/9/2020
rock cycle
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  • Hi I'm the cookie monster rock, before I was a rock I started off as magma (a.k.a molten rock) .
  • I was so hungry for cookie ice cream I came out beneath the earth and became igneous rock . Then I got hungrier and wanted cookies from the bakery.
  • It took me a while to find the closest bakery, I rolled around everywhere and it took me so long. I wandered around slowly and i decomposed into sediment
  • After eating so many cookies, I rolled around to find a good spot to lay down. I was compacted under the earth ( with organic matter ) and I became a sedimentary rock
  • A couple thousand years later it got cold and I wanted to get warmer and dug a hole into the ground. I was exposed into extreme heat and pressure and turned into a metamorphic rock
  • Now, Im back as metamorphic rock, ready to start my journey all over again. And ready to eat more tasty cookies 
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