The Crucible: Sydney Emanuel
Updated: 9/17/2020
The Crucible: Sydney Emanuel

Storyboard Text

  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller
  • I need to be honest.
  • We must turn to God!
  • I danced for the devil.
  • We shall ruin Salem's people.
  • Act 1: Afflicted Betty
  • We must pray. We need to get the devil out of Betty!
  • Act 2: The Poppet Set Up
  • I have a warrant for Elizabeth, and I see you have a poppet. Oh my, the poppet has a needle in it!
  • Mary Warren just gave it to me today. It belongs to her; I am innocent!
  • What signifies a poppet?
  • Act 3: Chaos in the Court
  • Tell the truth; I have confessed it!
  • Remove Elizabeth! Now, Abigail...
  • A bird...the devil...don't hurt me!
  • Salem
  • Act 4: The Confession
  • I can't judge you John! Do as you will.
  • I confess to God...I won't sign the paper; I must save my name.
  • You must sign the paper or the confession does not count.
  • The End
  • I shall be hanged because I cannot lie. I am sorry Elizabeth!
  • My husband is a good man. He is not a lecher.
  • You will suffer the consequences of failing to confess.