Carbohydrate Nutrients
Updated: 2/22/2021
Carbohydrate Nutrients

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  • Ugh, I am so tired of walking around! I have no more energy left.
  • Sounds like you need some carbs.
  • Some what?
  • You need some carbs. Also known as carbohydrates. They give you energy for your body.
  • Wait, really? How?
  • Yes, really! You need carbohydrates for your cells to function properly. Also, you need it so glycogen can get stored in your muscles and like I said, it's for energy too!
  • Oh my gosh, I never knew that! What foods are carbs found in?
  • Carbs are found in foods such as cereal, pasta, fruits, vegetables, etc.! There are two types of carbs: Simple and Complex.
  • What's the difference between them?
  • Simple Carbs are quick energy sources for your body. They are usually found in sugars such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, and lactose. Complex carbs are healthier than simple. The two types of complex carbs are starch and fiber. Starch supple the body with long, sustained energy and fiber helps regulate the body's digestion.
  • Oh wow! I never knew that kind of stuff, but I'm glad I do now!
  • Yeah, now let's get some food. Pasta is a good carb-filling choice!