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Nihira and Aayushi
Updated: 12/6/2018
Nihira and Aayushi
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Storyboard Description

By: Aayushi and Nihira

Storyboard Text

  • Man v. Society
  • Windsor
  • Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • Oh! How improper!
  • Man v. Nature
  • If you don't step down right now...
  • AAAHHH!!!
  • Man v. Man
  • Oh, no! Why'd I tell her to do that!
  • You're wearing my dress!
  • This shows man versus society because everyone was staring at her poor and ragged clothing. Everyone else was well dressed and rich but she was not. (Yet she was the one to get the stagecoach out of the rut, but still no one thanked her.) --- "...they were looking at her - at her clothes especially. At first she was mortified, but the longer they rode, the angrier she became." page 48
  • This shows Man v. Nature because the bear (nature) got into their home and created havoc. --- "...there in the doorway was a massive black head. the nose up and smelling, The tiny eyes bright with hungry anticipation." page 1
  • This shows man v. man because Lyddie was against the mistress, who was going to fire her for going out without permission. there was a conflict when Lyddie initially didn't want to be dismissed. --- "'You're dismissed!' The woman said. 'The best one you ever had, ' Triphena muttered." page 44
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