Genghis Khan
Updated: 12/17/2019
Genghis Khan
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  • Temujin!
  • I am your new leader!
  • We must all unite to become a powerful force.
  • In 1162 AD, Genghis Khan was born. His original name was Temujin, but it later changed. Genghis Khan was born as a member of the Borjigin tribe.
  • Genghis Khan's father was at a feast with another tribe. When the tribe poisoned the father, Genghis immediately ran home to take the spot of his father even though he was a kid.
  • Attack!
  • Genghis Khan decides he should unite all the Mongol tribes to create a powerful force. This force could later conquer strong civilizations.
  • Genghis Khan married a woman named Borte. Borte later was captured by another tribe and was rescued. Borte had a son named Jochi, who Genghis Khan thought was his.
  • Genghis Khan conquered and terrorized many parts of Asia and Europe. This created the largest empire in history. By the time he died, he conquered many places including all of northern China.
  • Genghis Khan died in 1227 AD. The funeral party killed anyone they saw on the way. It is said they diverted a river over the body.
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