Updated: 9/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I was born in Pasadena, and went to Hamilton Elementary School
  • I lived in a house near the Rose Bowl with my brother and parents
  • A couple years a go I moved to a bigger house in Pasadena
  • I was born in 2007. When I went to Hamilton I was so exited to be there. Throughout my years there it got better and better. I meet some of my closest friends there.
  • Now I go to Blair and have a great time
  • Me and my brother would share a room in our house and any time there was an event at the Rose Bowl we would be able to hear the whole thing.
  • This is me at my gaming setup
  • The new house is great we have a pool so I really go in to swimming, and I also got my own room. I also like to play video games and play the drums.
  • I now go to Blair but of course you knew that. We are also online so that's why no one else is here. I really sucks that we can't be be at school right now but we will get passed it.
  • I really like to play video games, and make YouTube videos. When I grow up I hope that I can make these videos in the future and get famous and rich off of doing this.