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Updated: 9/30/2020
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  • I can't wait to go shopping and too see all of the benefits of capitalism!
  • Freedom of Choice
  • I would like to buy this teddy bear.
  • ok! that will be $13.50 today.
  • Profit
  • I payed $13.50 for this bear but the orginal cost was $9.
  • This is Sally. She is leaving her house to go shopping. she will experience the benefits of capitalism throughout her journey.
  • Competition
  • I wonder if this toy store has a teddy bear that is less than $13.50
  • Sally's first stop is her favorite store, the toy store. She experiences the freedom of choice- the ability to have choice in what she does or what she buys. This is beneficial because it allows people also known as consumers to chose between competition of work places.
  • Private Property
  • this Signs says Private owned. Meaning it is private property.
  • When Sally leaves with her brand new teddy bear she sees a tag that says orginally $9- this is the way the business makes its money also known as profit. This is benefical because it gives freedom to the business to choose price good and how much they recieve.
  • Capitalism
  • When Sally walks over to the next block she see another toy store- stores with the same things often face competition because of price and profit. This is benefical because it allows for business to change based on what the competitors are doing.
  • Walking in to the store Sally sees a Private Property sign. Private Property allows producers to own their own land and bulidings- This benefical because it allows freedom to businesses because their land is bought and owned by them it is not being controlled by the Government.
  • Sally returning From a long day of shopping realizes the benefits of capitalism. Freedom of choice, Profit, Competition, and Private Property.
  • Wow! I was so lucky that I got to live and see the benefits of Capitalism!
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