Updated: 9/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Turtle and the RabbitKimani GordonAP Computer Science Principles A
  • Faster animals should always beat slower animal's right?
  • Yes, I think faster animals will win
  • No, it depends on strategy.
  • I will just take it slow and steady.
  • I will start of as fast as I can.
  • Told Ya!
  • NOOOO! I should have used STRATEGY!!!!
  • Scene 1The Rabbit and Turtle are talking
  • zzzzzzzzzz.....
  • It hurts so bad.
  • Scene 2 The Rabbit and Turtle are racingDecision Statement: Should the racers go steady or start fast?
  • 9. The decision statement that I created was the inquiry of a fast animal beating a slow animal in a race. The reason why this creates interest is because it provides a question to a uncertain answer.10. The actions like running, walking, sleeping, and falling create interest because they each describe what stage the story is at. An example of this is when the turtle is sleeping, signaling the race is over and he won.
  • Scene 3The Rabbit fell off the cliff and the turtle safely turned back and won the race.
  • ConclusionThe Turtle is sleeping and the rabbit is floating down the river in pain and defeat.
  • Story was inspired by the story, Turtle and The Hare. By Aeosop