American Citizen Exercising Rights Given to them in the Bill of Rights

Updated: 10/15/2021
American Citizen Exercising Rights Given to them in the Bill of Rights

Storyboard Text

  • The First Amendment
  • We deserve to be heard!
  • We will use our voices!
  • We will not rest!
  • Hello, I am a rabbi.
  • Hello. I am a priest.
  • The First Amendment (Part 2)
  • Everyone should have access to free healthcare!
  • In my opinion
  • Local women argues about the right to free healthcare.
  • The Third Amendment
  • Can this soldier live in your house?
  • Two actions that are stated in the First Amendment are the right to gather in a group for a harmless protest, and the right to follow whatever faith or religion you choose. These statements are relevant to our everyday lives because when a situation that is going on in the world is not right, it is important for citizens to be able to make a difference. Also, it is vital that everyone can practice any faith, without being discriminated.
  • The Third Amendment (Part 2)
  • No. I do not want any soldiers in my house , and you can not force me.
  • 10/14/2021
  • The last two actions in the First Amendment are the right to report information without having the government affect the reporter, and the ability to state your opinions freely. These actions are important to a citizen's everyday life because if people were scared to state their opinions because legal action would be taken, then nothing would change for the better. Also, information about events would never be brought to the attention of other people if reporters were scared to undergo legal repercussions.
  • The Sixth Amendment
  • BANK $$$
  • You are under arrest!!!
  • The Third Amendment states that a soldier can not live in a private home without the consent of the owner. This Amendment was created in a response to the Quartering Act, which was an act passed by the British Parliament that allowed British soldiers to be places in private homes without the consent of the owner.
  • The Sixth Amendment (Part 2)
  • On October 17, 2021, we hereby state that the attendant is guilty.
  • This Amendment is one of the least controversial amendments in the Bill of RIghts. This can be important to a citizen's life because, without it, the military could take over the houses of citizens.
  • The Sixth Amendment protects citizens who are being accused of a crime. The main point of the Sixth Amendment is that people accused of a crime have a right to a trial by jury, which is only shortly after they were accused.
  • No! I have the right to a quick and fair trial!
  • This right to a speedy trial can be considered one of the most important to a citizen because it prevents someone accused of a crime from being stuck under the effects of false accusations.
  • Jury