Russian Revolution Comic Strip - Celeste Gonzalez
Updated: 12/17/2019
Russian Revolution Comic Strip - Celeste Gonzalez
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  • Czar and Czarinna state that the Russian people will begin to work in factories.
  • We, the Romanov family, decree that Russia shall industrialize!
  • People of Russia are very upset about these new terms and are angry at the czar.
  • I'm furious! I work all day in these factories and get very little pay in return! I hate the nobles!
  • Same here! It's all the czar's fault!
  • People go to Czar's palace seeking change but were attacked by guards
  • Stay back or we'll be forced to fire!
  • I'm tired of the autocracy!
  • We want to see our czar! We want change!
  • Hundreds were murdered in Bloody Sunday and the people are angrier than ever before.
  • Hundreds are dead after Bloody Sunday. The peasants demand representation in the government or you will be forced to abdicate.
  • This is horrible. I shall give the people what they want, but i will not like it.
  • Kerensky will give us a communist society!
  • Czar gives Russian people the Duma but revokes it after 73 days. Czar is abdicated.
  • I am shutting down the Duma for good! Do not listen to the intellectuals!
  • No! We want a new czar! We want Kerensky!
  • If you don't help us stop World War 1, you will be no better than Nicholas!
  • Kerensky is elected as their new government but people are still angry.
  • My name is Kerensky and I am pleased to be your new provisional government.
  • Lenin will help us overthrow you!
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