Unknown Story

Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The arguments were flawed because the accusations were false. Tituba had just placed the blame on Sarah to save herself from being executed while the others used her as a scapegoat for what they were experiencing.
  • Sarah Good was accused of afflicting Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Paris with an unknown sickness. They claimed that she had bewitched them, which had caused them to convulse and roll their eyes back into their head. She was also accused of having no control and rejecting puritan standards. They believed she tormented children.
  • You are a witch! I know you are the cause of my sickness
  • Sarah Good was convicted of witchcraft and was sentenced to death by hanging in 1692 on July 19.
  • You have tormented us, and children far too long!
  • I would never do such a thing. I am not a witch.
  • The evidence used against her was the claims spoken by her accusers. In the trail when Sarah Good was brought into the court the accusers acted as if they were in pain by her mere presence. A woman by the name of Tituba stated that Sarah Good had forced her to become the devil's servant. And all the accusers had claimed to have seen her sending out a cat and bird to harm them.
  • Sarah Good forced me to become a witch. She is a liar and sent off her bird to harm us.
  • If I don't confess and blame Sarah Good, I will be executed.
  • You are pronounced guilty and will be executed
  • I am not guilty! I am not a witch! God will make you suffer for this,
  • Sarah Good most likely targeted because she was poor, pregnant and a beggar. She also had made many disagreements with other which made her unpopular in the town..