Elizabeth Keckley
Updated: 3/31/2021
Elizabeth Keckley

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  • Many has impacted the fight for civil rights for black people.Today,I'll be talking about a woman who has effected this movement and who also live very close to home.
  • Here she is,her name is Elizabeth Keckley.She was born into slavery in Dinwiddie, Virginia on February 1818 and was enslaved by her own father,Armistead Burwell.She was treated unjustly by her father
  • In 1847,Her family later moved to St, Louis,Missouri where they experience financial hardships.Elizabeth's sewing skills proved invaluable for working and supporting her entire family.
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  • In 1860,after Elizabeth and her son were bought out of slavery by her husband James Keckley,she divorced him and started a business with her expertise in sewing and making dresses.
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  • During the Civil War,she founded the Ladies's Freedmen and Soldier's Relief Association,the goal of the association is to provide necessities such as food and water to slave who just recently became freedmen and serves to give resources to the United States Colored Troops.
  • After the Civil War,Elizabeth Keckley wrote books.The most notable one was her book titled Behind the Scenes where she explained her entire life from how she starts out as a slaves to becoming a seamstress of many controversial figures like Mary Todd Lincoln,Abraham Lincoln's wife.
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