beowulf sb
Updated: 12/29/2020
beowulf sb

Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World:the homeland of the hero and where he is from where the journey starts
  • Mentor:a helper to the hero, the mentor gives advice to aid in the hero's journey.
  • Threshold and the guardian: the hero journeys to an unknown and dangerous world where he will face obstacles that change him.
  • This shows Beowulf taking off to Heorot from Geatland because he "heard how Grendel filled knights with horror"(line 109-112) so he wants to defeat the monster. This is his ordinary world or his reality that changes throughout the story.
  • The Abyss: the hero's ultimate obstacle. the hero is at the lowest point in his cycle and may even face death.
  • Here Beowulf is with his mentor Hrothgar,  in the story after beowulf arrives at Denmark he meets Hrothgar saying the King of this land and throughout the story shapes him into a king, after his first adventure he says "beowulf my friend your has gone far and wide...I stand firm by the promise of friendship we exchanged before"(lines 1703-1708), showing how he changes him into a leader with fame.
  • Transformation:state of change and rebirth in the hero's journey where the hero becomes a better version of themselves .
  • When Beowulf fights Grendel Mother and defeats her, there is a sort of character growth since he was almost  defeated when grendels mother got him down where "now she would avenge her only child. But the mesh of chain mail on beowulfs shoulder shielded his life"(1546-1548) thus, making him a better warirror and leader after defeater her he his praised highly and gains even more fame.
  • Reward/Return: a gift the hero receives before his long return
  • In this phase Beowulf is in the fight with the dragon, the ultimate challenge. The dragon gets him into a position where it is probable he wont live then "he caught the heroin a rush of flame and clamped sharp fangs into his neck" lines (2690-2691) showing beowulf at his lowest point on the brink of death.
  • This phase is the transformation of a new hero of the rebirth. This picture is showing the deceased beowulf and the brave warrior who avenged him named Wiglaf, after seeing beowulf defeated wiglaf "dispayed his inborn bravery and strength...drew a stabbing knife from his belt...he stuck it into the dragons flank... they had killed the enemy"(lines 2696-2706)
  • This is the phase where the hero receives his rewards, in which beowulf gets the things he requested telling Wiglaf "order my troop to construct my barrow on a headland on the coast"(lines 2802-2803). After his request they did build beowulf a barrow and Wiglaf received his part of the treasure resulting in both hero's getting a reward and Wiglaf more adventure.