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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Isle of Lemnos
  • Doliones Part 1
  • Doliones Part 2
  • After landing on the island on Lemnos they argonaughts were met with a bunch of woman. All men had be killed by Aphrodite and all woman were cursed with bad smell. The argonaughts had stayed way longer than wanting to and Jason fathered twins with the queen.
  • Phineas and the Harpies
  • When landing on the Dominoes the argonauts were treated graciously by the king Cyzicus. While most of the crew went out looking for supplies six-armed monsters raided their ship. Luckly, Heracles was able to kill off all the mosters and when the argonauts returned they set sail.
  • Clashing Rocks
  • After setting sail the argonauts ended back at the same island that night. The Dominoes mistook them as enemies and they fought in the dark. While fighting and killing eachother they killed king Cyzicus. In the morning the argonauts realized their mistake and both sides threw a funeral
  • Colchis
  • When the argonauts reached Thrace he was met by Phineus. Zues has forever punished Phineaus by having Harpies steal his food everyday. The argonauts took pity on him and chased the harpies off. In return Phineus had told the argonauts how to pass the clashing rocks
  • At their previous trial, they were advised to release a dove through the clashing rocks. If the dove was to make it through they were to strongly row but if the dove was crushed, they were doomed. The dove made it through alive and so did the Argonauts.
  • King Aeetes made Jason do three tasks in order to get the fleece. He fell into depression and then Hera persuades Aphrodite to make her son, Eros makes Jason and Medea fall in love. Medea helped Jason complete these tasks and retrieve the golden fleece.
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