COMIC "female Scientists"
Updated: 2/9/2021
COMIC "female Scientists"

Storyboard Text

  • And I'm going to tell you all my story.
  • Hi my name is Jane Goodall, and I was born on April 3 of 1934, in London, England.
  • ..
  • Hi, I miss you.
  • HELLO!!!
  • All of you are beautiful.
  • Growing up, I started loving animals and dreaming of someday going to Africa in order to see some of my favorite animals in the wild. I particularly liked chimpanzees. One of my favourite toys was a toy chimpanzee which I loved to play with.
  • I worked various jobs including as a secretary and waitress. When I was twenty-three I finally had enough money to visit a friend who lived on a farm in Kenya. I fell in love with Africa and I decided to stay.
  • Thank you, I hope you like my story.
  • I met British archaeologist Louis Leakey who offered me a job studying chimpanzees and I moved to the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania and began to observe the Chimpanzees.
  • I learned a lot about chimpanzees and I made some important discoveries like: Tools, meat eaters and personalities.
  • *THE END*