Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The War is over. You are all free!
  • June 19, 1865 Galveston Texas
  • Finally!
  • What will my husband think?
  • Where would I go?
  • Some African Americans moved up North
  • I'm moving up north for a better life.
  • I'm staying here because I know this area and moving will be too costly.
  • Some Continued to stay in the South.
  • The war is over and these slaves are free I can let them know that. I need them for the harvest
  • Some African American were still enslaved because either word hasn't reached out or the master was hiding the news from them.
  • I heard that a war started. Hope we will be freed soon.
  • It's been 4 years since the begining of the war. I can stand this man!
  • Here lies Alex Simpson. He stole Horses
  • That's what you get for stealing my horse. I'm going to go free your slaves.
  • This was the case for the slaves of a man named Alex Simpson. They weren't released until his hanging in 1868
  • Your Owner Alex Simpson was hanged and you guys are now free.