The Odyssey
Updated: 1/24/2020
The Odyssey
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  • The Odyssey, book 22, page 324, lines 116-118." Odysseus, while he still had arrows left to defend them, kept his aiming at the suitors in his house: and every time he hit his men, and they dropped one after the other"
  • The Odyssey, book 22, page 321, lines 14-16. " But Odysseus, aiming at this men, struck him in the throuat with an arrow, and clean throught the soft part of the neck point driven"
  • The Odyssey, book 22, page 323, lines 81-84. " At the same time, noble Odysseus shot the arrow, and struck him in the chest by the nipple, and the speeding arrow fixing in his liver.. "
  • noooooooo
  • I've done nothing
  • The odyssey, book 22, page 333, lines 470- 472. " ..... so their heads were all in line, and each had her neck caught fast in a noose so, that their death would be most painful. they struggled with there feet fir a little, not for very long.
  • The odyssey, book 22, page 333, lines 473-476. " They took Melanthios along the porch and court yard. They cut off, with the pitiless bronze, his nose and his ears, tore off his private parts and gave them to the dogs to feed on raw, and looped off his hands and feet, in fur of anger
  • The odyssey, book 22, page 330, lines 356- 358. " Hold fast. Do not strike this man with the bronze. he is innocent. And let us spare Medon our herald, a man who has always taken care of me when i was a child in your place.
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