The interlopers

Updated: 8/18/2021
The interlopers

Storyboard Text

  • It was a cold winter night, Ulrich and his men set out to patrol the forest. Ulrich wandered away from the group in search of his enemy.
  • I will find you Georg!
  • This feud has gone on long enough...
  • Ulrich didn't expect to see what he did, it was George, standing there pointing a gun at him!
  • Not if I kill you first!
  • I will give my sincerest apologies to your family when I kill you, Ulrich
  • You're going to die!
  • Oh no! We're doomed!
  • After lightning struck the tree, Georg and Ulrich were stuck under branches. They both wanted their men to come to their rescue and leave the other.
  • This is all your fault! My men are going to rescue me first and you'll be left to die!
  • You should be the one to die, not me! MY men will save me and leave you here to die!
  • Here, let's put our petty feud behind us. If my men come first, they will save you, my guest.
  • Realizing how childish their ongoing battle was, Ulrich and Georg decided to make peace with each other.
  • And if mine are first to arrive, they will free you. I agree, this feud is in the past.
  • Look over there! Are they my men or yours?
  • Those aren't men...they're wolves