mr. pickles

Updated: 10/5/2021
mr. pickles

Storyboard Text

  • In the city of Metropolis, there lived a guy that was known for his evil ways and was planning to take over the city.
  • Nobody will ever learn to defeat my sadistic ways. I will spread the grippe to everyone in every house of this city.
  • Days passed and a bunch of civilians in the city woke up feeling weak and sick, so bad they could barely move.
  • Watch out dude, your breath smells awful I think halitosis is kicking in.
  • What is happening? I feel so sick and I am having trouble breathing.
  • What is that guy doing speaking to the city on the mayor's rostrum.
  • Moments later the civilians heard loud speaking outside of their window and they all looked out to see the evil man.
  • Not sure man.
  • Ha ha! I have spread sickness to the innumerable amount of you. I am the only immune and will take over this city once and for all.
  • Get out of here moron! Someone come save us.
  • You are a disgraceful fiend! Who would do such a thing to innocent people.
  • When everyone thought all hope was lost, out of nowhere a flying dog came out of nowhere charging right towards the fiend.
  • I am here to save you all, watch out big shot your time is over.