Part 1
Updated: 4/20/2020
Part 1
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  • Help us Gods!
  • Children, why do you sit here with such sorrow, crying out to the gods?
  • Lord Oedipus, we have come to pray at your altars. A disease is upon us.
  • Oh mighty Apollo, why do you curse us with this plague?
  • Do not fear! I have sent my brother-in-law, Creon, to ask Apollo at his temple how I can save the city.
  • Apollo commanded us to drive out a pollution from our land by banishing a man or by taking blood, for it is a murder's guilt thatholds our city in this destruction.
  • Lord Creon, my goodbrother, what is the word you bring us from the God?
  • I neither killed the king, nor know the killer. But since Apollo set thetask, it is his part to tell who the man is. Blind old Teiresias can see whatApollo sees. If you inquire of him, you might find out most clearly.
  • Yes! I have already sent for the prophet.
  • Look. Here comes the godly prophet, Teiresias.
  • You are the land's pollution. You are the murderer of the king!
  • Creon wantsto drive me out and devises this trick with this beggar who has only eyesfor his own gains, but blindness in his skill. This must have been his doing!
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