The Veldt
Updated: 8/27/2018
The Veldt
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  • Exposition
  • George, take a look at the nursery, please.
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The Hadley family has a million dollar house that does everything for them, cook, clean, and it even has Virtual Reality walls that changes to whatever they are thinking. Lydia Hadley is worried about the Nursery and what her children, Peter and Wendy, are thinking.
  • Conflict
  • When George sees the nursery, he's confused. The nursery walls show an African Veldt, or grassland. Lions are eating something in the distance. The Hadley's are worried about why Wendy and Peter are thinking about Lions killing something.
  • Falling Action
  • George finds his old wallet in the nursery, but it is bloody and torn. George also finds Lydia's scarf, in the same condition as his wallet. George and Lydia decide to shut off the nursery and go on vacation, to get away from their house. Peter and Wendy don't like it, though. They make a big fuss and threaten George and Lydia.
  • Resolution
  • George gives in and turns the nursery back on. The kids play in it all night, but George and Lydia don't care. In the morning, they are going on vacation. When morning comes around, they tell Peter and Wendy to pack up for their trip to Iowa. George and Lydia go upstairs to dress. They bolt downstairs when they suddenly hear Peter shouting, "Daddy! Mommy!" They look around the nursery, but the children are no where to be seen. Suddenly, the door shuts behind them.
  • This, of course, was all apart of Wendy and Peter's master plan to get rid of their parents. George and Lydia get locked into the Veldt, and the lions eat them. 
  • David McClean comes to the Hadley's house to help them back for vacation. He finds Wendy and Peter in the Nursery, having a nice picnic while the lions are eating. David is suspicious,  but Wendy and Peter tell him that their parents will be "directly".
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