Updated: 2/13/2020

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True Horror story

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  • Big Blackout 2016 (cousins coming over).
  • Winning the Netball Grand Final
  • When the big blackout happened in 2016 I was going out to dinner with my cousins from England. So we had left the city and I had hopped onto the train when all the electricity went out 10 seconds later. I was really amazed and shocked about what had happened when I had went onto the train, in the city and everyone was going chaotic. The day was a really good day and it was like the universe didn't want me to go onto that train since right after it turned off I had gotten kicked off the train by the people in charge. This will always be a memory I will remember forever and I wish I could have went on the train to find out what would have happened if it didn't. When we finally arrived home we had to grab buckets to fall the water with from the floods in our back yard. Also that night we ate dinner with torches on.
  • The Day that I won the Netball grand final was the happiest day of my 2010's since on that day we had finished undefeated for the whole season not losing any games and it was my first time winning the Netball grand final for a season. However, I didn't get much game time on the court it still was a really good day for me.