A hazardous and Safe Kitchen Home Economics
Updated: 6/18/2020
A hazardous and Safe Kitchen Home Economics

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  • plates
  • The Story of a Kitchen ...
  • Bye Anna Bye JohnSee you later
  • miaou
  • From Safe ...
  • After I finish, it's TV time!!!
  • bla bla bla
  • Tidy
  • ...To Hazardous
  • smoke
  • O baby, please don't cry.
  • Lucy left for the market. Her sister Anna was glad to babysit her favourite nephew in the meantime. Both John and Anna were so concentrated in their own tasks that they did not hear the cat sneak in the kitchen.
  • The Outcome of ...
  • oh.. It's all my fault... I tried...oh.. I wanted to please you..
  • Anna wanted to give a helping hand to her sister in her absence. First, Anna puts on the oven and turns the stove high. She wanted to enjoy a cold coke. Unfortunately, all her good intentions went down the drain.
  • ... an unexpected Intrusion
  • Danger
  • She smelt the burning chicken. She left the fridge door open when she heard John hit his head . She tried to hold the burning pot with the food cover. The sink overflowed and the flies were buzzing over the uncovered food. Within a few minutes, it all turned chaotic.
  • How to ensure Safety in the Kitchen?
  • Thank God! We are all safe.
  • lycheescarrots
  • The cat landed on the garbage bin. At the same time, Lucy dropped her groceries. Anna wailed and tried to explain. Lucy was shocked by the state of the Kitchen. It was a huge mess. The food was a total loss. At least the baby was safe. 
  • Oh my goodness!!!Anna!!!John!!!Are you alright?What happened?
  • boo boo boo!!
  • miaou
  • Lucy chased the cat away. She switched off the tap, stove and oven. It was time to clean up. Lucy was happy that both her sister and her son were unhurt. Anna always wants to overdo despite her young age.
  • Nice roasted Chicken
  • It's smells good!!!
  • After a few hours ... the kitchen looks much better. There is more space to move and to cook. It is tidy and clean. Everyone is happy. Note: It is recommended not to leave a baby unattended.
  • Clean Floor
  • It's better now!
  • Tidy kitchen