Tree earś Adventure
Updated: 2/21/2021
Tree earś Adventure

Storyboard Text

  • This scene is where Min truly lets Tree-ear his helper. I made this scene because I believe this is where Tree-ear´s journey truly begins. This is where Tree-ear learns to become stronger from Min making him much hard work. But like Tree-ear said on page 31,¨To work for such a master is payment enough.¨
  • I can´t pay you....
  • This is the scene where emissary Kim gives Tree-ear the royal commission. I knew I just had to put these scene down because not only is it the climax,but Min´s dream to have a royal commission. This scene, Tree-ear learns to never give up,,even in the most toughest situations.But even though Tree-ear brought only a single shard,emissary Kim said on page 138,¨Radiance of jade and clarity of water.¨
  • I shall give you the royal commission!
  • This is the scene where Min tells Tree-ear that he´ll teach him pottery.The reason I did this scene is because not only did Tree-ear´s dream come true,but I feel like this is the most important scene in the book.I felt like that Tree-ear has become more great full and learns that even though his friend had just died,doesn´t mean it should hold him back,even though it will take time to recover.Like Crane-man said on the last page 148,¨...One day at a time,he would journey through the years until he came upon the perfect design.¨
  • Get enough wood so I can make your wheel!