A Modern Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 4/15/2020
A Modern Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Scene Seven- A modern Romeo and Juliet
  • I met this girl at the party last night, her name is Juliet.
  • Dude your family hates her family, it'll never work out.
  • Scene Eight
  • On your 18th birthday we'll run off together and be together.
  • Sounds like a plan!
  • Scene Nine
  • They need to stay away from each other!
  • Romeo tells his friends he met Juliet at the party and he thinks he likes her, but his friends tell him that she's the daughter of the ceo his family hates.
  • Scene Ten
  • I can help with that.
  • We need a car.
  • Romeo tells Juliet to sneak out with him, she does so and they end up confessing their feelings for each other. They come up with a plan on her 18th birthday they'll run off together.
  • Scene Eleven
  • Juliet and her friends run into Romeo and his friends at a resturant and their friends all get into an argument about how they need to stay away from each other.
  • Scene Twelve
  • Agreed.
  • I think it's time to stop this nonsense.
  • It's Juliet's 18th birthday and they go to one of their older friends, Nick (Friar Lawrence's role), to get a car so they can leave.
  • A bad strom appears and caused them to flip their car upside down. Neither of them survived the crash.
  • Their families mourn their death and decide to end their fueding for good.