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Updated: 1/12/2021
History thing

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  • The AoC was a document that was meant to not have a centralized government and to give more power to the people. The document is also used to give trust and friendship to the states, but you will see later why people call this a massive failure.
  • Lets make it where we really cant make laws and cant get a military because of our low funding and because of that the states are being independent from the actual government!
  • Ah yes, a document that was meant to be good for the people but it actually isn't! Because we don't want to be tyrants like King George!
  • Does everyone agree with this law?
  • One of the weaknesses that the AoC did have is that when making laws they needed 9/13 of the states "Yes" votes to make it an official law this made making laws a lot harder.
  • Yeah, pretty much...
  • Mmm. Nah, I dont like that law so we cant make it because you need 70% of the votes to call it a law.
  • They couldn't tax the states or the people after they fought a war specifically for Taxation Without Representation.
  • We have no money to get an army. We don't collect taxes for it.
  • Haha! I've found enough land suitable for my 5000 followers! Now it can become a territory! If I have 60000 it can become a state!
  • The Northwest Ordinance is a document for making new states in the union. They needed 5000 free white men to make a territory then you need 60000 free white men to make it an official state.
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