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the reef
Updated: 9/25/2020
the reef
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  • All the scenes underwater are part of the climax
  • Yes now I can pay for that boat
  • the reefMade by Xane Sedik
  • The 2 scenes on the boat are from the falling action
  • This scene shows dialogue because The grandson talks about how he wanted a new kind of boat but it's really expensive so he can't afford it. Then while free diving he finds a rare shell that could pay for the new boat and more. This is important because he is talking about wanting a boat that he can't afford but then finds a shell that could pay for the boat and more.
  • The setting is depicted as underwater with his oxygen running low where the grandson found a royal wrentle trap. The setting is important because the grandson is a free diver diving where his dad died. Him finding the rare shell is important because he wants to buy a new expensive boat and he will have enough if he sells the rare shell.
  • This scene shows theme because it shows that you need to be very careful when you go diving. This is important because the grandson got a little reckless while he was diving because he didn't go up for oxygen when he probably should have. Because of that when he was bit by a conger eel and almost died due to lack of oxygen.
  • This scene depicts internal conflict because part of the grandson thinks that he won't make it but the other half of him says that he will make it. this is important because it shows him fighting between 2 parts of his mind which is called internal conflict. The reason it is not external conflict is because he is not arguing with another person.
  • This scene depicts irony because right when you think that the grandson won't make it the grandfather pulls him onboard the boat. This is important because if the grandson did not make it like you predicted it would no longer be ironic. The reason for that is because irony is when you expect 1 thing to happen but the opposite happens.
  • This scene shows characterization because it shows that the granddad is loving and caring towards his grandson and it also shows that the grandson loves his granddad. Because the grandson is letting the granddad treat his wounds. This is important because it shows that the grandson and the granddad care for each other
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