Revo 2
Updated: 11/15/2020
Revo 2

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  • Yes, the Townshend Acts require you to pay tax for these items. It's good so we can pay the war debt!
  • What? No taxation without representation!
  • The Townshend Acts required colonists to pay a tax for items such as tea, lead, and paper. The colonists were angry at this because there was no specific reason as to why these Acts were passed.
  • These colonists are in big trouble.
  • The Boston Massacre. The massacre happened because the colonists wanted to protest after the Townshend Acts. It wasn't good for anyone.
  • The Tea Party was initiated not because of any taxes, but because the British decided to create a monopoly on the tea of the colonists. Supporters said to help the British. Rivals said they're taking advantage.
  • After the Tea Party, the Intolerable Acts would be a punishment for the colonies until they paid for the tea thrown over. The colonists decided to unite and rebel. Supporters say that colonists deserve it, while enemies say the acts are unreasonable.
  • The unity from the Intolerable Acts lead to the 1st Continental Congress. This was a meeting to plan how to deal with the British tyranny. This was in Philadelphia. They agreed to send a letter to King George III. Supporters of the British say that they should just abide by their doings and laws. Enemies say that they need to unite and convince the King to listen to their words.
  • The King replied accusing colonists of treason, and this meant war. The colonists brought all their militias together into the Continental Army, led by George Washington. This led the colonists south want to fight, too, because George was a southerner. British supporters think that fighting is a dumb idea, enemies of the British say this is for freedom.