Updated: 1/19/2021

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  • The balance between federal and state government was that the federal government has no power over the states government. This type of government was created because the didn't want a strong central government the could act like a monarchy
  • The Articles of Confederation was the first government article stating what the central government was allowed to do.
  • A significant weakness of the AoC is the fact that they had no power to tax the states.
  • This is problematic because the government will have no money.
  • This is problematic because they can protect the country if they don't have a military
  • Another significant weakness of the AoC is that didn't have a military to protect the protect the people
  • The Northwest Ordinance allows for people to become a territory/state. They can become a territory with 5000 people in an area, or they can become a state if they have 60000 people in an area.
  • One right everyone has in the northwest ordinance is, everyone is is free, there are no slaves
  • It was illegal to own a slave here
  • Shays Rebellion was a rebellion caused by poor farmers who's land was being taken due to high debt from the states. It convinced the government that the AoC was a failure because they had no strong central government.