WW2 comic

WW2 comic

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A simplified version of World war 2

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  • Germany's Dictator
  • The treaty of Versiliases is detrimental for our countrys health. We have lost territory, we are not allowed an air force and we can only have 100,000 men! I can fix our bad economy and government. We are superior to Jews, the Jews must be executed! I can make Germany great again! 
  • I am a jew!
  • Italy's Dictator
  •  We have been cheated! Though we did win the war with the allies we have only gotten a tiny portion of land we have expected. I can fix the government and economy . I can make Italy great again!
  • Japan's Dictator
  • The Americans have forced trade with us they have made unequal treaties and now our economy is horrible and we have barely any natural resources. The allies are horrible, we must take ove more land!
  • We all want to take over more land, we all hate the allies and we are superior than other races
  • (Germany) I took Austria and Czechoslovakia ! 
  •  In 1933 I am announced chancellor by the president because of my popularity and I established A dictatorship seeking to take out the world and kill Jews and the disabled, I am an anti-semite.We will take over more land. I am Adolf Hitler the advocate of Germany 
  • The Axis powers           The Allies 
  •  I am embittered, we had a meeting that you wouldn't invade Czechoslovakia! 
  • (Germany) In 1941 we invaded Russia with huge encircling movements trapping the Soviets but had to stop because of winter.
  • (Japan) In 1941 we attacked pearl harbor to defeat America's navy before expanding to Southeast Asia. We now invaded most of Southeast Asia!
  • After world war 1 Italy was winning and expected to get a lot of land out of it but ended up only got a little. With its bad economy, weak government the people needed a leader and when Mussolini said he could fix this and bring Italy to power he became popular and in 1922 he became prime minister with his support and established a dictatorship.  We will take over more land. I am Benito Mussolini the advocate of Italy.
  • So they took Korea and started invading over east China but when the west told them to stop they had to retreat but when the west began taking advantage of a weakened China , Japan decided instead to go to war with Russia that was in China and won. When a bomb blew up a train in Japan this gave them an excuse to take over the northeast portion of China where Russia had already invaded. We will take over more land. I am Hideki Tojo the advocate of Japan.
  • Important people of world war2
  • The Axis Powers
  • The Allies
  • The war officially began in 1939 when Germany took over Poland.
  • (Japan) I invaded some of China, going through Bejing Shanghi and Nanking.
  • (Italy) I took Abyssinia because our tanks and guns are superior to their bows and spears 
  • In 1940 Germany took over Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.
  • Then, there was the phony war nobody really did anything
  • After Germany took Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany
  • (Italy) When the Allied powers began invading into Italy we became uninterested in war and in 1943 we surrendered after ousting Benito Mussolini out of power. 
  • (Soviets) When Germany invaded us we made weapons, tanks, and aircraft, then with this massive help, we were pushing Germany out.
  •  In 1944 from the east of Germany, the Soviets attacked, while from the west, America and Britain attacked after fierce fighting and Berlin was captured, and in 1945 Germany, the herculean force, surrendered.
  • (America) Finally, after we dropped an Atomic Bomb on two Japanese cities named Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan surrendered in 1945
  • (America) So, we declared war on Japan
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  • Adolf Hitler of Germany. 
  • Benito Mussolini of Italy
  • Hideki Tojo of Japan.
  • Franklin D Roosevelt of America
  • Winston Churchill of Britan
  • Charles de Gaulle of France
  • Joseph Stalin of the Soviet
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