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Updated: 4/8/2021
Storyboard clip_1

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  • Samantha is a college student who is always on her phone and cannot concentrate on her work during the day.
  • Samantha misses in person classes where she used to participate and have a predetermined schedule.
  • Samantha now feels trapped in her room and she spends much of her day scrolling through social media and wasting time.
  • She needs help limiting her screen time, something she has never had to do before. 
  • She thinks to herself, "what can I do to fix my grades after being distracted by electronics in this virtual learning environment?"
  • Wow, I realized I can put more of my attention to my school work so that I can get back on track!
  • AGENDACOMPLETE MATH HW- 30 Min. Screen Time RewardSUBMIT HISTORY READING ANNOTATIONS - 30 Min. Screen Time RewardCONDUCT SCIENCE LAB - 1 hour Screen Time Reward
  • I can't use my phone unless I complete some of my work to redeem screen time through this EngageEDU app.
  • Samantha feels energized and focused now with the app as she can dictate what assignments can reward her with screen time, and she feels more inclined to do work without getting distracted
  • Her grades have drastically improved and now her screen time respects her work load. Samantha has committed to completing all her work before using leisure time with her phone's lockdown abilities.