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My Big Sister Dream - Part 2
Updated: 9/28/2020
My Big Sister Dream - Part 2
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Storyboard Description

Continuation - I woke up with my new sister who was apparently 7 years old. I soon realized that my day was a lot more than I expected, or should I say night... Our parents passed and I explained that to my sister who broke into tears when I showed her my mom's favorite jacket. I comforted her and she felt better and I took care of her and told the authorities that my parents had trained me to enough to be my sister's guardian and they agreed not to make us go to the orphanage. I took care of her, she took care of me. I helped her and she helped me. By the time 1 week of life with her was over, I woke up and realized I was back home but I was disappointed that my sister was still in that world. Hopefully I bring her into reality next time.

Storyboard Text

  • I woke up to a small girl shaking me awake but somehow I knew she was my little sister
  • Wake up Sis, let's go there now, please!
  • It was still night and I knew what she wanted to do
  • Shhh, Quick let's go
  • We ran up the stairs to the music room as we playfully shushed each other not to wake up our parents
  • Hehehehe
  • Ready to have fun *reduce volume*
  • Yes! Shh! Hehehe!
  • We played music quietly, listened to songs and finally I led her back to bed and then...
  • The next day someone told us some horrific news about our parents...
  • I read her a bedtime story and we both went back to sleep
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