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Updated: 5/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hmm..? Starflight, I thought you always read scrolls..
  • There is such thing as taking a break you know..
  • Tsunami? Are you awake yet?
  • Ack! Alright I'll go..
  • CLAY! Battle Training starts now! WAKE UP!!
  • I am your teacher! Nothing I do is cheating!
  • OW! You said stomping tails was cheating!
  • In the first book Wings of Fire The Dragonet Prophecy, these dragons are known as the Dragonets of Destiny, Clay the Mudwing, is the brown one, the blue one, Tsunami is a Seawing, the green one, Glory the Rainwing, the black one is a nightwing aka Starflight, and the yellow one is Sunny the sandwing, sandwings have poison tail barbs but she doesn't because in the future of the books she finds out she is half nightwing.
  • Are all Mudwings this useless or just you?
  • AGHHH!
  • Glory was supposed to be a skywing for the prophecy but they brought a rainwing instead, the red dragon, Kestrel is a skywing, which there usually orange or red and rarely some of them have no fire, or fire scales and Kestrel had a twin egg and one of her twins had fire scales and the other one had no fire at all, anyway Kestrel is one of the three guardians and she is the meanest one, and teaches battle training. Another guardian is named Webs and he is a seawing which hunts food for the dragonets, but the dragonets have not been released from the cave for six years which is how old they are.
  • Stop picking on Clay.
  • Tsunami aren't you sweet? Protecting a dragon who tried to kill you in your egg.
  • The other guardian is a sandwing named Dune. Dune usually watches them since he cannot fly since his wings got to weak from fighting in the OutClaws which is a sandwing army that leads a city called the Scorpion Den and they lead it rightfully, which is led by Sunny's mother named Thorn, and the dragonets are here to stop the war of the three princesses of sandwings and since there mother died differently than a royal duel, a war started so whichever princess lives she becomes Queen of the Sandwings, and all those sisters were rivals from the moment they hatched.
  • Anyway, training is over. Another unimpressive session, Mudwing.
  • There are 7 tribes. Seawings have gills and webs, Icewings have razor claws to climb on ice and whip thin tails and can exhale a deadly frost breath and can survive subzero temperatures and have lots of spikes,  Mudwings can hold their breath for an hour they have thick scales and when warm enough they can breathe fire, Rainwings are rumored to be lazy and dumb which is true but Glory is different then every Rainwing besides her grandma and they can change colors on there scales and spit venom like snakes. Nightwings can breathe fire and when some are born under at least two moons they can predict the future and read minds.
  • Sandwings have poison barbed tails much like scorpions with pale sandy colored scales and can breathe fire, Skywings are born with the hottest fire and born with the biggest wings which makes them the fastest dragons in the continent of Pyrrhia. Clay is basically the leader of the dragonets and has a very kind heart and loves music and would do anything for peace and to protect his friends. Tsunamii she is the tough one and yells a lot and is a princess of the seawings.
  • But Tsunami later finds out she is royal, Sunny is the smallest one and has scales the color of gold, she is known as the cute small fierce one. Starflight is the smartest one and he is a nightwing and he wasn't born under moons and he would of been powerful because there was four moons that night he was born but he was born in a cave. Glory is a smart strong Rainwing and rainwings have this thing called suntime where the sun is up highest and they lay under the sun to recharge their venom and scales. When the dragonets escaped the cave, the skywing queen captured them and set Glory onto a marble decoration tree, she was fake sleeping so the sun recharged her venom and suddenly it worked and when she was able to use venom she spat it at the queens face.