Updated: 3/15/2020
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  • Barn Owl: Tytonidae[ Tee- tohn-nee-day ]
  • Snowy Owl: Bubo scandiacus[ Boo-boh scand-dee-ah-cus ]
  • Laughing owl: Sceloglaux albifacies[ Cel-loh-glox ]
  • Unlike true owls, barn owls are identified by their heart-shaped face, longer beak, smaller eyes, and longer legs.
  • Because the Artic has continual daylight for six months, snowy owls are some of the few owls that are diurnal.
  • The laughing owl's extinction has been blamed on the introduction of stoats, ferrets, and weasels, either by predation on the owls themselves or competition for rabbits as prey.
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